Saturday, February 25, 2006


Uwe and Bettina Steinmueller are husband and wife, photographers, and proprietors of Digital Outback Photo, an eclectic web site that offers a good balance of photographs, equipment reviews, and software reviews. They are also authors of California Earthframes, a book that features 78 of their photographs made during the last five years. The term earthframe indicates a photo that is a detailed, sometimes abstract, study of nature. The book is not at all just close-up work, however, as it also contains wider photographs of lovely sweeping vistas, including both landscapes and waterscapes. The Steinmuellers have an eye for soft, muted colors, and for soothing lines and patterns. For a relaxing viewing experience, click here to see a portfolio of 20 of their California Earthframes.

Some other items at their web site might also be of interest. They announce Portfolio Invitation themes, attracting submissions from their photographer/readers who then proceed to vote and identify favorite photographs. These portfolios are generally of high quality--and if you enjoy some of the current work on display, you may find yourself clicking backward into the past to review some of the previous portfolios. A link to Digital Outback Photo site has been added (top right of this page) to the Variable Focus list of recommended links.


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