Monday, February 12, 2007

A Year, and the Changes That Time Brings

Today's entry is the 365th for this blog. At first Variable Focus contained news items, notable quotes, commentary and examples--all photo-related. During the course of the year, surprisingly, the photographs pushed all the other content to the sidelines. The blog became something originally not envisioned, a photo-a-day site.

Once that format became dominant, it fed on its own momentum. Photo-a-day efforts typically last for a year, and so, once the die was cast, it was resolved that the blog would continue in that way until the one-year milestone was reached. Not travel, not illness--nothing was allowed to intervene and block the daily posting of at least one photograph.

Now that year is complete. As with all years, whether counted by atomic clock, calendar days or moons, it came and went with an relentless inevitably that, when considered, can catch short the breath of even the most disciplined and persistent woman or man. Certainly it could have been a year done better. Just as certainly, it is final, its record there for anyone to review, day by day, and that, as they say, is that.

And so today the blog breaks free from a structure. One ending becomes another beginning. There will be more photos, but not one each day. There will be text again, and links, but not on a schedule. Variety will be invited to visit, and it will, but only when it will, and only of its own nature, not at the beckoning of anything other than nature, inclination and, occasionally, inspiration.

Around the U. S. in the second month of 2007, the days and nights are cold. However, the pitchers and catchers will report in a day or two. Daylight hours are lengthening. Spring will surprise us, maybe even startle us. One day it will not be here with us, and the next day we will say "Yes, there it is."


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