Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Internet assists analog photographers

Kodak no longer makes black and white photo paper, but some devotees have joined together on the internet to raise a quarter of a million dollars to privately fund production of a paper with the qualities of Azo, a paper that Kodak had made since 1898. Many commentators have speculated that traditional black and white, while giving up most of the playing field to digital photography, is evolving into a niche, high-end product for artists and other enthusiasts. The more good photographs the betters, says Variable Focus, whether color or black and white, digital or analog.

For the rest of the story about on-line communities of analog photographers, click here.


Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamblee

Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamblee are highly-regarded, husband and wife , fine art photographers whose works are produced, via contact prints, on Azo. They are the organizers and coordinators of the movement to keep Azo available. They have recently published two books resulting from their travels in Tuscany (samples above and below). For more about the Azo project, or to review their work, see their web site by clicking here.


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