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Street Art

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Your Table Awaits

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The Third Man

Because the movie The Third Man was made seven years after Citizen Kane, and because it also features actor Orson Welles (the director and actor who portrayed the character Kane), critics widely acknowledge that director Carol Reed was influenced by the visual style of the earlier film. If anything, the camera work in The Third Man is better integrated into character and plot than is the case in Citizen Kane. A few of the shots in Citizen Kane seem affected by Wellesian excess. That is, the shots almost seem to be there for their own sake, a kind of cinematic "Gee whiz, if you thought that shot awhile ago was impressive, look at this one."

In The Third Man, as in the best of film noir, the lighting so expertly conveys a mood and a sense of place, the atmosphere itself almost becomes a character. Of course, not just any film noir has a Graham Greene script or the relentless zither music of The Third Man, where direction, photography, acting and score all combine for a film experience that is satisfyingly complete in a way that is unique.

After re-viewing the movie recently, I located the review of it--and specifically these comments on the photography--written by the superb film critic (and marvelous writer) Roger Ebert.

[Carol] Reed and his Academy Award-winning cinematographer, Robert Krasker, also devised a reckless, unforgettable visual style. More shots, I suspect, are tilted than are held straight; they suggest a world out of joint. There are fantastic oblique angles. Wide-angle lenses distort faces and locations. And the bizarre lighting makes the city into an expressionist nightmare.... Vienna in ``The Third Man'' is a more particular and unmistakable *place* than almost any other location in the history of the movies; the action fits the city like a hand slipping on a glove.

For another blog entry, with examples, on fine film photography, follow this link to a discussion of Days of Heaven.

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Dreamworld of Artisans

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Point of Sale

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Garden Gate

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Checking the Settings

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Picture Day

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Mandala Construction

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Tribute to Film

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Dreamworld of Plants

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At his website, photographer Scott Howard has posted a 720 megapixel photo of Sydney Harbor. (The photo above is a very, very small, cropped representation.) In actuality, the photograph consists of 169 photos made with a 6 megapixel camera, then stitched together using computer software.

The interesting--and in this case interactive--aspect of all that resolution is that you can go to Howard website and zoom in until you see individual people across the harbor. Now that's telephoto!

The link to Scott Howard's Sydney Harbor photo is here.

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Pro Volleyball

More photos from this event here:

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Built to Scale

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A Touch of Color

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Drinking Fountains

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Birmingham, Southside

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Under the Lights

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Taking a Break

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Coffee Drinkers

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American Road

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Empty Suits

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Old Capitol